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Vijay Gajra - Founder and Chairman of the Ellora Group

With no shortage of value or expertise, the Ellora Group is known for excellence across the Mumbai area. Vijay founded the Ellora Group more than 15 years ago and today, at 37-years-old, he continues to push the Ellora Group forward into the future. Vijay’s team stays at the cutting edge by employing innovative industry techniques while remaining transparent and true to the company’s core values.

Vijay alone has more than 16 years of construction experience and his varied expertise includes commercial projects and residential builds, along with malls, bungalows, and township projects. With his first-hand knowledge, Vijay is able to bring an essential balance of professionalism and exceptional guidance to his position as Chairman. From this position, Vijay is able to confidently oversee all operations at the Ellora Group. And, alongside his fellow workers, the team is able to pull from a diverse skillset for every project, allowing for a well-rounded work process.

Vijay received his education from Mumbai University, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, and he draws from his time at Mumbai University every day in his work as he takes on local projects.

"The Ellora Group employs global, industry-leading techniques while maintaining high standards of both innovation and integrity.”

Prioritizing safety, delivering exceptional work, and creating opportunities in the local community all top the Ellora Group’s extensive list of values. For more than a decade, Vijay has been able to witness these values continue to push the Ellora Group forward to a state of greater recognition.

By recognizing the importance of hiring fresh, talented workers, Vijay has been able to build a strong team of hard-working individuals, but more than that, he has been able to support his local community and help workers thrive. Vijay takes great pride in being able to not only employ talented professionals but also in being able to help them grow and flourish by partnering with the Ellora Group.

While a local building company, the Ellora Group has a wide reach with projects in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Gujarat, and Pune. As one of the top real estate companies in the area today, the Ellora Group is driving the industry forward across India by fostering innovation and bringing the global standards of construction together with a unique, stylistic approach.

It is through Vijay’s ongoing guidance and leadership that the Ellora Group continues to strive towards a position of national recognition. And, by bringing a discerning eye for luxury to high-ranking projects like corporate parks, shopping malls, commercial offices, and residential complexes, the Ellora Group is quickly fulfilling that goal. Today, Vijay remains at the heart of the Ellora Group’s success.

While pushing to become an industry-leader, the Ellora Group has maintained strong under Vijay’s direction, staying true to its core values and continuing to provide superior service to every client at every turn.

As the Founder and a deeply committed Chairman, Vijay personally ensures the success of every project. The Ellora Group continues to grow each day and, with his instruction, the company is on the road towards even more incredible projects.

No matter how much the company grows, however, Vijay will always ensure that the Ellora Group remains steadfast in its ultimate mission, which is for the group to prosper alongside the community. Vijay is dedicated to ensuring that the group, and the people, reach a balance of strength, enthusiasm, and success.

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